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10 December 2021

Written by ICA

Heritage International School wins the School of Excellence award

Heritage International School won the “Climate Action Project Schools of Excellence” award this November 4th, 2021. The school was chosen out of 250 top institutions that all aim to vary students’ behaviour and societies’ mindset regarding climate through education.

The Climate Action Project is a free global climate initiative that allows students and teachers to collaborate on environmental topics. Involving 2,700,000 students, 146 countries and with 1 mission in mind, the project explores the causes and effects of climate change and helps students understand what steps we can all take to create climate solutions.

We were delighted to hear that one of our International Primary Curriculum schools won the School of Excellence award for their climate project. We couldn’t be prouder to shout about this accomplishment and how much the school deserves such an award. Hear from the teachers themselves who put the work in and lead the climate project.

Hear from Tatiana Popa, Head of Global Education and the Hybrid Learning Coordinator 

Hear from Inga Corlateanu is an IPC Coordinator and English teacher