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Leadership & Management

International Leadership and Management Programmes (ILMP) are designed for leaders focused on improving learning. Based on evidence, collective experience and international research, these programmes address fundamental questions for leaders to have the greatest impact on student learning.

Middle Leaders

The Middle Leaders programme stimulates, nurtures and enriches the knowledge, skills and understanding essential for effective team, subject or curriculum leadership. The programme equips those already with middle leader responsibilities, with the skills to navigate between policy and practice focused on managing change to enable improvement across international education.

Agents for Change

The Middle Leaders programme is specifically designed for those already in, or new to, a middle-level leadership role. The programme explores different theoretical approaches from the perspective of professional practice. It centres on the application of learning to the middle-leader role, putting theory into practice and reflecting on impact. It explores how those in middle leadership roles can ensure they are aligned with school values and shared visions of learning alongside how they can also facilitate and empower the teams that they lead.

Blended Approach to Learning

The Middle Leaders programme approach blends trainer facilitation, individual coaching, personal reflection and group collaboration through three flexible modes of delivery.

Regional courses are scheduled twice a year in locations around the world. They bring together middle-leaders from individual schools providing a rich and creative mixed cohort.

In-School courses, bring the programme to an individual or connected group of schools. This format enables teams to tailor discussions and activities around specific school/group needs.

Online Blended offers the flexibility of self-paced learning combined with trainer facilitation, group webinars and individual coaching.

Unlocking Leadership Potential

Course participants benefit directly from the ICA’s 30 years of experience in supporting international schools. Evidence-informed training developed by leaders for leaders ensures that the Middle Leaders programme is impact driven. Collaborative learning in a like-minded and committed peer group forms a powerful and supportive community of learning and valuable networking.

As course participants unlock their own potential, they focus also on how to enable and empower their teams. For schools, this builds both capacity and capability to support school-wide improvement.

The International Leadership and Management Programme – for Middle Leaders

Senior Leaders

Designed for those already in a leadership role, the Senior Leaders programme translates evidence based theory into actionable leadership skills and tools. Stimulating and provoking, the programme focuses on five key areas through which to explore who you are as a leader and how well aligned your leadership purpose is with the strategic purpose of the school.

Relevant for Impactful Leadership

“The ILMP really reflected the way forward for learning, which is to put the learning into practice immediately. There was not one thing that was said throughout the ILMP that was not asking for reflection and for practical application. Everything that we learned had value and application within the school environment.“ Beatrice Caston, International School of Dusseldorf, Germany

“This course really helped me to reflect on my strengths and areas for development as a leader within my school.” Rayna Birch, BEPS International School, Belgium

Structured Modules, Blended Delivery

The Senior Leaders approach blends trainer facilitation, individual coaching, personal reflection and group collaboration. The programme delivers five modules over a single calendar year through a mix of residential, online and experiential learning.

The Senior Leaders cohort brings together like-minded leaders from across the world, sharing common themes about improving learning through diverse contexts.

  • Module 1: Preparational Learning

  • Module 2: Residential Learning

  • Module 3: Collaborative Online Learning

  • Module 4: Personal Leadership Project

  • Module 5: Residential Learning

Passion and Belief

Individual passion and belief is aligned with collective passions and beliefs throughout the programme. Participants question and reflect to better understand themselves as a leader and how they can apply their knowledge, skills and understanding to make a real impact in their schools.

An increasing confidence in, and clarity about, their own attributes empowers participants to facilitate change and to drive innovation through their own teams. ILMP Senior Leader alumni sustain the valuable international networking beyond the programme itself and become champions for improving learning within their leadership positions.

Professional Development for Senior Leaders, maintaining the focus on learning