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03 June 2024

Launching icaSpotlight: upskill on the different dimensions of international education

The International Curriculum Association (ICA) is proud to launch icaSpotlight, a series of virtual mini-conferences designed to offer educators around the world innovation and affordable professional develop opportunities.

Curriculum agnostic, the event are tailored to provide educators with unique learning experiences, connect educators with leading experts, and foster a global network of education professionals.

The inaugural icaSpotlight sessions will focus on:

  • The Transformative Power of Theatre in Education (27 June 2024): This session explores how theatre can ignite curiosity, foster creativity, enhance empathy, and activate learner agency.

  • Exploring Global Citizenship (3 July 2024): In partnership with Inspire Citizens, this session delves into what it means to be a global citizen in today's interconnected world.

  • ·Middle Years Conference 2024: Unlocking the Needs of the Teenage Brain (11-12 July 2024): A two-day event focusing on the latest research on teenage brain development, aimed at improving middle school education globally.

Each icaSpotlight is designed to be short and accessible, allowing educators to gain valuable insights without significant time commitments. The platform offers both individual and group ticket options, encouraging collaborative learning among peers.

To find out more about icaSpotlight and the upcoming sessions, visit: