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15 September 2022

Written by Tiffany Mahraoui

The Innovative Mindshift

Let’s face it, with these unprecedented times as institutions, educators, students, and parents alike, we have had no other choice but to be innovative and open. We have been forced by this looming, long lasting pandemic to shift our mindsets. We have been forced to reflect upon and ask ourselves: 

What is good learning? 

What does it look like? 

What tools do we have at our fingertips? 

How can we make learning more creative, fun, and inspiring even when faced with adversity navigating through stressful times? 

Are we busy or are we busy learning?

Here in Bermuda, Chatmore British International School is the proud leader in our country. We are well on our way towards accreditation and the team are rallying together to make it to the finish line. We are looking forward to engaging with Fieldwork Education to hone our skills and give the best we can to each other, the families, and the learners. 

So, you might be asking yourself, how does the International Curriculum make learning innovative? Here are Chatmore, when we review our topics for the school year, we chose a more holistic and wholesome approach across all departments. For instance, the Brainwaves Unit runs unilaterally across Early Years, Primary and Secondary. We focus on how innovative and creative we can make each of our classrooms and hallways. Imagine the look on the students’ faces when they can see the progression of the unit throughout the school. It not only strikes up more interest among classmates, but it also provides an opportunity for knowledge sharing! How cool is it to learn in a unified journey together as a school no matter what the age! Brains, Brains, everywhere!

Good learning should be inspiring not only to the students but the teachers too! Our teachers here at Chatmore embrace technology and provide a dynamic learning experience though the use of the International Curriculum. Whether we are teaching remotely or brick and mortar, the curriculum allows for flexibility and creativity. At home learning projects are a wonderful way to explore recyclable materials or experiment with science projects by pioneering. We have so many tools at our fingertips without having to purchase or spend a lot of money on store bought materials/resources. It also provides for a fantastic opportunity for parents to be as involved (or not) as they would like to be in partnership with their sons’/daughters’ learning opportunities.

More recently, we have been exploring Space. Once again, the students from across year levels can enjoy learning about the planets with a hands-on approach. Walking through the hallways watching the expression on each students’ face with blow up ball planets hanging from the chandeliers is priceless! Students can also be heard singing the planet songs combined with laughter while creating their very own alien visitors from recycled materials. Students love creating and sitting next to their very own chocolate eating alien from planet Earth, an alien King holding a triton from planet Neptune, or a reddish-brown alien with bubble wrap to keep warm visiting us from Mars! Our mindsets have shifted as we all embrace technology and further enhance our knowledge harvest, research and recording opportunities using a variety of tools at our fingertips. Here in Bermuda, the International Curriculum allows for our classrooms at school AND at home during remote learning, to be fun, innovative, and busy with learning!

At Chatmore, we love that the IEYCIPC and IMYC provide us with the knowledge, skills and understanding to provide the best for our students, ages 4-18. The international connections we have through fieldwork elevate our teaching and learning experience and we cannot wait to achieve more with them! 

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