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04 July 2023

The Personal Goals at the British School Warsaw

In The British School Warsaw we ensure that the Personal Learning Goals are embedded in everything that we do, both within the classroom and in the wider school community. They are at the heart of our school culture and help make our school a happy place to learn.

To bring the Personal Learning Goals to life and support children in truly understanding them, our primary students designed a superhero for each Personal Goal. This was launched in 2020 with the help of secondary students who created the graphics we display all around the school. These superheroes and images support the children’s understanding of what and how they can develop these attributes and are a constant reminder to be the best person they can be – a superhero in our school community!

Every year we have a Superhero Day, where the children dress up as their favourite Superhero, one of the PLG Superheroes or design their own Superhero costume. Throughout the day the children take part in a range of activities to develop each of the Personal Learning Goals. This year, one of the optional challenges was a writing competition to explain briefly what the Personal Goals mean to them in school, at home and in the community.

On a visit to the school Jacqueline Harmer, Head of IPC judged the entries and met with all the competition participants to announce the winner. The writing by N.Chourey was selected as it not only told us about some of the Personal Goals but also showed empathy when thinking about ourselves, others and our shared experiences. The winning writing is shown below, we hope you enjoy reading it and feel inspired to make someone’s day!

A Learner’s perspective on the Personal Learning Goals by N. Chourey

Superheroes are not only main characters in books, movies or cartoons but they also teach us a lot in our daily life. Superheros don’t only save the world from evil people monsters or even dragons but they can also be used to make someone’s day or make them smile. We can be kind and polite by using please and thank you like my favourite PLG- ‘Respectful Rebecca‘. We all have those times when we struggle with something and we think about giving up but we must be like ‘Resla the resilient’ & do not give up. I try to be ethical with my actions like Miss Ethical. It’s great to know the PLGs and be inspired by them.

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