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05 April 2023

Why the IEYC?

Take two minutes to find out why the International Early Years Curriculum new units of learning are perfect for any early years setting.

By teachers for teachers

The IEYC is flexible and works alongside your national curriculum whilst offering the structure required to suit all teachers. With regular contributions from teachers who use the curriculum the IEYC provides a contemporary perspective that empowers teachers as they help children learn effectively and with enjoyment.


As a child-centred and research informed curriculum for 2-5+ year olds, the IEYC emphasises playful, holistic, and child-focused approaches to learning and development. Throughout our curriculum children are encouraged to be informed, globally competent and socially conscious individuals.


The units of learning are specifically designed on appealing themes that provide engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Each unit has been carefully developed to capture children’s natural curiosity, including our brand-new units ‘Let’s have a party’ and ‘Let’s play outside’.


The IEYC promotes high levels of child well-being and involvement. Through curriculum resources that nurture children’s natural abilities, teachers can support and guide children as they pursue their interests and curiosity, allowing them to develop children’s ability to ask questions, think deeply, and consider how answers may be found.

'I just love the layout of the new units!! The structure now is really digestible and provides the perfect balance of a supportive scaffold that covers all the bases but with the clear openness to adapt for your own setting.'

British International School of Houston

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