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21 February 2022

Young Entrepreneurs

Year 3 students from the The Grange Institution and International Preschool recently completed a Design Challenge as part of their Young Entrepreneurs International Primary Curriculum Unit of Learning. 

Every Exit Point is a great opportunity for students to share their Knowledge, Skills and Understanding with the community. And what an excellent opportunity to witness their Personal Goals in action too. 

Creativity is the DNA of The Grange. This project to design The Perfect Wheelchair directly links to many of the schools 8 Key Competencies of their Creators-in-Action philosophy: Teamwork & Partnership, Recognising Issues, Construction and Design, original Ideas, Active Citizenship and Service Leadership. 

The Grange also educate their children that entrepreneurs must not always be focused on making a profitable business; they should also be guided by a mission of how to enrich and better others’ lives!

To assess and give feedback on their final presentations, The Grange invited colleagues from the marketing department and a real-life young entrepreneur to judge the winning design. 

Due to COVID reasons, the students were unable to present in front of their parents, but a clip of the video, along with feedback and reflection, was sent to their parents. Enjoy the video!