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01 July 2021

Written by ICA

A Primary Curriculum preparing learners for a transforming world

In the ever-changing world of international education, it is vital that the next generation is being taught using a curriculum that is committed to the holistic development of learners while still providing flexibility.

For those familiar with the IPC, you will notice some major changes with new elements being integrated to ensure a well-rounded learning experience that has been designed and created using the latest educational research.

Our primary curriculum encourages learners to be globally competent, socially conscious and motivated to positively contribute within a local and/or global context, something that has become increasingly essential over the last few years especially during this historic moment in time.

By incorporating a wide range of thematic units based on internationally relevant themes, it enables primary-aged learners to make meaning of their new knowledge, show their skills and apply their understanding to the real world. Each unit of learning has been specifically designed for each age and is guided by leading innovative research.

One of the latest features includes a new brainwave unit that focuses on metacognition to help students learn more about how the brain and memory works.

Metacognitive emotional regulation is also incorporated within the unit, to promote children to explore how they think and how they can learn more about their emotions and emotional resilience. 

A modern primary curriculum should encourage children to play an active role in understanding their feelings and how to look after their physical and mental health. The IPC2020 curriculum includes a new subject called Health and Wellbeing.

Learners will gain knowledge related to maintaining health in order to take increasing responsibility for being healthy and safe at different stages in their lives. As the children develop skills in this area, learners will be able to self-regulate and develop strategies to best suit their needs.

It’s essential that the next generation also thinks about others on a global scale. The inclusion of the new Sustainable Development Goals Challenge Series within the curriculum inspires learners to create a more sustainable future for all.

The new series aims to further develop learner agency and global competence by providing exciting and relevant challenges linked to the Sustainable Development Goals. The series allows users to apply and enhance their problem-solving abilities as they are presented with a variety of global issues, a key skill essential for the future.

The IPC2020 curriculum provides schools with a fantastic structure and framework for an international curriculum that can be adapted to suit any learning context in primary years and truly produces globally capable learners of the future, who will have the knowledge, emotional understanding and skills needed to thrive in an ever-transforming world.

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