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20 March 2024

Exit Points- A Celebration of Learning

Exit points are the final step in the student's learning journey during an International Primary Curriculum unit of study. The Exit Point has two main purposes: to help children pull together their learning from the unit and to celebrate the learning that has taken place. At Nadeen, we have had a wonderful start to our IPC learning journey with three extremely successful Exit Points across primary since the introduction of the International Primary Curriculum this year. These have ranged from trips to exhibitions and museums. These celebrations of learning have included parents, teachers, and students from other year groups. 

Students in Year 6 embarked on an enchanting journey about myths and legends from their own country. Students presented their myths and legends through performances, artwork, and storytelling. In Year 5, students created their museum, exploring the theme of "The Great, The Bold, and The Brave." Transforming their Year 5 and 6 collaborative areas, students showcased artifacts, and interactive displays, and delivered informative tours to year groups in the school. 

“I’m very proud of the Year 5 students. They did independent research prior to the Exit Point and on the day they were able to share their knowledge confidently and with loads of enthusiasm.“ Ms Karlien Year 5 Teacher. “We prepared for the Exit Point by designing things like plates, jewellery, shields, vases and many more things” Hitisha in Year 5 

In Year 4, our students explored the Stone Age, delving into the lives of scavengers and settlers who roamed the earth thousands of years ago. Students immersed themselves in hands-on activities that brought history to life from designing Stone Age paintings to crafting Stone Age necklaces. 

“I enjoyed making Stone Age jewellery and playing interactive games with my mum” Minahil in Year 4.

“It was great to see the children teaching the parents what they had learned in the Stone Age IPC topic. The children showed great enthusiasm showing the parents what life was like thousands of years ago and demonstrated good knowledge of the unit. Parents enjoyed joining the children for a quiz at the end of the exit point to test their Stone Age knowledge. " Ms Nicole Year 4 Teacher.

In Year 3's Mummification Exit Point, students engaged in a hands-on exploration of ancient Egyptian culture. They learned about the mummification process, wrote hieroglyphics, sketched ancient designs, and constructed miniature pyramids. This immersive experience deepened their understanding of ancient civilizations and fostered creativity.

In Year 2, our students completed an observational walk to our local mall of Dilmunia, where they found inspiration in their surroundings. Through observational drawing, students captured the beauty of some of the local buildings and created stunning artworks that reflected their observations and experiences while also enjoying a picnic.

“On our way back to school, the buzz of conversations among students and parents about the day's experiences was heartwarming. Their drawings, each unique and insightful, reflected their keen observations and what they had learned about Art.“ Mr Joseph Year 2 Teacher.

“For our Exit Point, we went on a walking trip to Dilmunia Mall to sketch Dilmunia Mall, the canal or Nadeen School. The walk from school was exciting, we walked in pairs and enjoyed looking around the street.” Shanzey Jahanzeb in Year 2

Year 1 explored the world of buildings and studied various structures in towns and cities globally, drawing inspiration from projects from our local surroundings. Additionally, students explored the concept of recycled buildings, broadening their understanding of sustainability. 

Exit Points offer parents a firsthand glimpse into their children's learning experiences and achievements. By attending exhibitions, performances, and presentations, parents gain insight into the curriculum and see how their children are applying their knowledge and skills in creative and meaningful ways. Exit Points is a celebration of learning that enriches the educational journey of our students while strengthening the bonds between our school and the wider community.

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