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08 February 2023

IMYC Specialist Series Season Two

We are excited to announce that the International Curriculum Specialist Series returns with a special focus on Health and Wellbeing available in both video and podcast formats.

Season two of the series kicks off with an informative interview with two experts at MindUP, an evidence-based social-emotional learning program grounded in neuroscience and founded in 2003 by actress Goldie Hawn along with a team of neuroscientists, educators and psychologists.

With episodes being released every month, the future episodes of the International Curriculum Specialist Series will focus on several areas of Health and Wellbeing including peers, identity, digital literacy, and metacognition in the teenage years.

"The second season of the International Curriculum Specialist Series for the IMYC is an important one as we navigate through the challenging times in education, especially on the tail end of a pandemic. We need more conversations about Health and Wellbeing in education and explore options on how we can effectively embed social and emotional learning into everything we do. I hope the episodes ahead will be insightful and encourage the viewers or listeners to reflect on the values and practices within their schools and if needed, to make changes.” - Lee Hendricks, Head of the IMYC

Our first episode of the International Curriculum Specialist Series focuses on social and emotional learning (or SEL) with lead author and Principal Scientific Advisor Molly Lawlor and Dido Balla, the Head of Education, for MindUP. Both Molly and Dido share some of the key skills and strategies that every school should emphasise in an SEL curriculum or program.

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Our second episode focuses on Health and Wellbeing, particularly with growing and changing identities among teenagers. Featuring bestselling author and co-founder of Cultures of Dignity Rosalind Wiseman who discusses the role of peers during adolescence and how they can influence their health and wellbeing.

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Our third episode focuses on culturally responsive teaching—what it is and what it isn’t—along with exploring neuroscience in learning. Zaretta Hammond discusses how teachers can effectively establish alliances in learning partnerships, the importance of being a warm demander toward students, and how schools, unfortunately, can often create negative academic mindsets more than we would like to admit.

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Our fourth episode features Mike Ribble who discusses the importance of digital citizenship for students' learning and their lives. Mike explains the meaning behind each of the nine elements of digital citizenship which include Digital Access, Commerce, Communication and Collaboration, Etiquette, Fluency, Health and Welfare, Law, Rights and Responsibility, and Security and Privacy.

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Our fifth episode features Yanely Espinal who focuses on some of the crucial components of financial literacy that students need to understand in the middle years and high school and she provides tips to effectively implement it within their curriculum. She also explains what is next for financial literacy education and what reforms are happening to bring the topic into schools across the United States and beyond.

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