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06 February 2020

Written by Therese Andrews, Head of International Primary and Middle Years Curriculum and Jacqueline Harmer - Head of IPC

Leading the IPC in its 20th year!

It’s hard to believe that the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is turning twenty years old! With a wide reach and having influenced and inspired millions of children and thousands of teachers, we are delighted to be leading the IPC into the 2020s.

Therese "My first encounter with the IPC was in 2009 at the British International School of Boston where I had very little idea of what an international school or curriculum should be. Seeing the excitement and engagement from children, teachers and parents, it was obvious to me that the IPC was something special, and it helped me to understand the importance of a holistic education.

When appointed as Head of the International Curriculum – Primary and Middle Years in 2018 and tasked with updating the curriculum, it was important to honour the original aims of the IPC whilst also recognising the changes that have taken place in society, education and the international schools’ market in the twenty years since it has been written."

Jacqueline "I have been lucky enough to visit IPC schools across three continents. These schools have been quite different but also comforting in their familiarity due to the IPC identity evident in each one. I can honestly say I have learnt something on each one of my visits and these takeaways stay with me as I support developing and guiding IPC towards and beyond its 20th birthday."

To celebrate the IPC’s 20th birthday, we have been working on some updates with teachers and leaders from the IPC community. Changes that we look forward to bringing you this year include:

  • New Learning Goals, articulating the progression from Milepost 1 up to IMYC, including Personal, International and all academic subjects

  • The introduction of a new subject to improve provision - Health and Wellbeing

  • An updated process that facilitates learning

  • Updated Milepost 1 units.

  • Sustainable development Goal challenge units

We feel privileged to have been able to work on the 2020 IPC update and hope that you enjoy the changes that we have made.

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