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17 October 2023

The Learning Adventure: Our Journey with Entry and Exit Points

We embarked on an enthralling journey, delving into the essence of the International Early Years Curriculum's captivating Entry and Exit Points. A favourite with our children, the entry and exit points routinely transform our classroom into a magical realm of exploration and celebration. Here we share some examples from our "Going Places" and "Weather Wonders" units.

Setting Sail with Entry Points: The Gateway to Curiosity

A gateway that opens up a world of exploration and wonder - that's the Entry Point in a nutshell. At the heart of every entry point lies a simple yet powerful aim – to nurture curiosity. The open-ended activities in the entry point provide children with the stimulus to start thinking and wondering, and this leads to an enabling environment where questions flow freely, and exploration becomes second nature.

Our adventure thrived on vibrant activities

Teachers set up a travel agency where children saw pictures and selected their destination. As per the distance of their chosen destination, children headed to the setups of either the airport, the railway station, or the boat terminal. Each of these stations stimulated real-life activities from ticket collection and baggage check to snack counters. These enabled children to engage in sensory play, collaboration, and communication, as well as reviewing previously learned concepts in numeracy and literacy.

The Entry Point acted as a treasure map, setting the tone for the big question and the activities that follow but also providing children agency to pick their favourite transport and explore that further.

Celebrating Growth - Exit Stretch and Exit Point

Fast-forward to cherished learning experiences – the Exit Stretch celebrates the Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding that the children developed during the unit. The exit stretch activities provide learners with the opportunity to repeat, revisit, and reflect on their learning, while teachers make decisions about differentiation and plan the next unit accordingly. Some examples from "Weather Wonders" are given below.

The Ongoing Journey Celebration - Reflecting on Progress

The Exit Point serves as a checkpoint of progress. At Healthy Planet, parents and teachers collaborate with children, attending the day in school and participating in activities. The exit stretch spotlights new learning and transforms it into a celebration together. Our "Weather Wonders" Exit Point unfolded captivating chapters, inviting all to hands-on learning across distinct centers.

Interdependence and independence were emphasized as learners collaborated in the Weather Forecast Room, where the weather fairy surprised the children with a quiz on predicting weather. Communication and enquiry were highlighted in the Read in the Rain room when learners asked questions and expressed themselves. Well-being and healthy living were evident in the "Innovatory Room," which focused on physical vitality and emotional wellness. Understanding and application occurred in the creative Weather Creation room, where children made creative projects.

Families and the school come together at the end of every unit to make this journey. From the captivating entry point of "Going Places" to the awe-inspiring exit point of "Weather Wonders," we've witnessed learners evolve into fearless explorers and proud achievers.

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